"How to Play"... YouTube Videos

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Some great Youtube tutorials and songs

Sweet Child of Mine Tutorial 2 parts

This is a great 2 part tutorial on playing Sweet Child of Mine.

How to Play Love Story by Taylor Swift

Really helpful tutorial. You can also find the lyrics and simular chords here!

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

This is one of my favorite songs to play and a great song for beginners! There are many ways to play this song some are easy, some are a bit more difficult. This Youtube video is not a tutorial but it really helped me to find my strum pattern and the rythm of the song.
Click here for the PDF file of the chords and lyrics to the song.
The strum pattern I use is, in the beginning, the "Ohhhhh...caught in a bad romance..." part I do either all Down Srums in a steady pattern or you can do Down Up strums in a steady pattern.
Then in the Verses " I want your Ugly...." I do three down strums then a chunk. ( You can find a How to Chunk Video on my home page) Same as this video except I add a chunk instead of a long down strum.
Then in the chorus I, personally do all Down strums in the same pattern as the video.
And so on. If this way isn't working or sounding right just try to find your own variation that works for you! Good Luck!
A simple awesome cover of Bad Romance
Fingerpicking Fun.....
Hotel California Intro Tutorial

This is an awesome tutorial if you want to practice some fingerpicking. Its the intro to the song "Hotel California" by The Eagles. Although this isn't technically a modern song, I think everyone and there mom knows it, and its a super fun song to play, especially with this intro.

Am, E7, G, D, 
F, C, Dm, E7
F, C, E7, Am
F, C, Dm, E7
All The Small Things - Blink 182 Tutorial
Complicated - Avril Lavigne Tutorial
Just a friend - Mario Tutorial
Baby - Justin Bieber
This is a great tutorial for all you Bieber Fever girls (and you few special boys). I will put up the PDF chords for this song soon! Have fun.