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If your like me the day you got your ukulele you went straight to Google to search for your favorite songs to learn. You saw countless "Ukulele Girl" type song chords but fell short when searching for Lady Gaga or Destiny's Child songs. In order to save you countless hours of searching numerous sites for popular songs you want to learn, I decided to put together a site with song links and song PDF files, tab links and tab PDF files, Youtube "How to Videos", and more, all in one place. Hope you enjoy!
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Make Your Own Ukulele Pick!

Make Your own Ukulele Pick at home From an old Leather Belt! Most Ukulele picks are made from Felt, rubber, or leather, instead of the hard plastic used for most guitar picks. However, you can find many materials around your house to fashion a perfect little homemade Ukulele pick! Everyone has a leather belt laying around the house, if you can find yours I will show you how to make a very usefull and functioning Uke pick.
Gather your leather belt, a white color pencil, which works the best for tracing but you can use any pencil you have, and an Exacto knife for cutting the pick out. If you don't have an Exacto knife available some heavy duty scissors can also work.
Trace out the pattern of the pick you want with the pencil. Most uke picks are a bit larger than guitar picks, I usually make mine about an 1" X 1.5" with a rounded point at at least one end. Follow the pencil lines with the Exacto knife to cut the pick out, and Vuala! You have a homemade Ukulele pick! Don't be too worried if its a little rough around the edges, it takes a lot of practice to make almost perfect! Just keep trying and go with whatever sounds good!

Strum Patterns

Since I got my Ukulele one of my biggest challenges, besides of course finding a good collection of songs in one place :) was working out strum patterns of songs. I find it frustrating that most of the chords and tabs you find for songs do not include strum patterns. Some of us can be pros when it comes to playing the Ukulele but can't figure out a strum pattern if our life depended on it, I am one of those people. Something that I have found helpful when I can't figure out a strum pattern for a song is to search on YouTube for a how to video, and if I can't find a Ukulele cover then a Guitar cover tutorial works perfect for learning the strum pattern.

If you click HERE you can find a strum pattern chart, with a list of various types of strum patterns you can try. This might not be very helpful when it comes to a specific song, but it will help you to practice different types to fit into different songs. Just play it by ear (easier said than done for some of us!), search online for anything that can help you figure it out, and keep practicing untill it gets close enough!
The One Chord We All Hate....
Have you ever passed up learning a song once you see that horrible E chord in it? Has a song your in the middle of playing come to an abrupt hault while you try to stretch and twist your fingers around the E chord? If you have ever done any of these things or uttered the words " I hate that stupid E chord!" then your probably like most ukulele players out there. I found an awesome artical on 10 different ways to play the E chord on an awesome site called Ukulelehunt.com.
Click Here for the article
My personal favorite out of these is #6 the 4th Fret Lay-Across. I also like to just play the E chord like the D chord and just take out the A string all together, although it doesn't sound quite the same, it works for me. One of my biggest sayings when it comes to playing the ukulele, is to do what sounds right to you. So just figure out what you're the most comfortable with and feel confident doing it!


The Dreaded Chunking...

Chunking? What? It sounds like what you do after a long night of drinking way too much! And when your first trying to learn how to do it and get it to sound right, it can feel like that too. So I thought I would put up this Youtube video on how to Chunk. Although the best way to get perfect at it is of course Practice! Practice! Practice!

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